Pete Sinfield

Pete Sinfield: Still

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Artist: Pete Sinfield

Artist: Pete Sinfield
Title: Still
Product Type: VINYL LP

Pete Sinfield's only solo attempt has the fingerprints of King Crimson covering every track, the result being a piece of early progressive rock. With fellow Crimsonites Greg Lake, Mel Collins, and John Wetton helping him out, Sinfield manages to capture a sturdy-enough progressive air across the length of the album, comple- mented by periodic injections of classical, rock, and jazz movements. To Sinfield's credit, his surreal lyrics are mindful and well written, with a strong regard for prog rock's fantastical world. The album was released originally under the Ep's imprint, and this long-awaited reissue includes the bonus tracks "Hanging Fire" and "Can You Forgive A Fool."

1.1 The Song of the Sea Goat
1.2 Under the Sky
1.3 Will It Be You
1.4 Wholefood Boogie
1.5 Still
1.6 Hanging Fire
1.7 Envelopes of Yesterday
1.8 The Piper
1.9 A House of Hopes and Dreams
1.10 The Night People
1.11 Can You Forgive a Fool

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