Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend: Definitive Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pete Townshend

Artist: Pete Townshend
Title: Definitive Collection

This is the most thorough distillation of Townshend's recordings on one disc and the first new single disc compilation from Townshend in over a decade. Tracks include "Pure & Easy", "Mary", "Give Blood", "I Am Afraid" and many more.

1.1 Pure ; Easy
1.2 Sheraton Gibson
1.3 Time Is Passing
1.4 Street in the City
1.5 My Baby Gives It Away
1.6 Misunderstood
1.7 Little Is Enough
1.8 Let My Love Open the Door
1.9 Rough Boys
1.10 Sea Refuses No River
1.11 Slit Skirts
1.12 Mary
1.13 Give Blood
1.14 Face the Face
1.15 Friend Is a Friend
1.16 I Am Afraid
1.17 English Boy

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