Peter Callaway

Peter Callaway: Perfect Peace

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peter Callaway

Title: Perfect Peace
Label: CD Baby

Peter Callaway is a jazz/flamenco guitarist and vocalist from Chicago, Illinois. He has performed with Grammy winners Grover Washington, Jr.; Robert Irving III; Thomas 'Tom-Tom' Washington; and Oscar Brown, Jr. Peter also performed with Miles Davis' guitarists Pete Cosey and Warren Bingham. Joining Peter on this new CD are Roger Harris and Peter Polzak on piano; Larry Gray on bass; and Kobie Watkins, Tyrone Blair, and Malcom Banks on drums. Peter studied guitar with Richard 'Butch' Carpenter, Osee Anderson and Michael Shelly. Peter also studied classical guitar with Wayne Magnus and electric guitar with Dave Uhrich.

1.1 Overture-Rapture Song (2:49) Callaway
1.2 Going Up, Up, Up! Rapture (4:07) Callaway
1.3 Prelude 4 JC (2:50) Callaway
1.4 Finale 4 JC (4:11) Callaway
1.5 My Favorite Things (6:44) Rodgers/Hammerstein
1.6 Autumn in New York (3:18) V. Duke
1.7 'Round Midnight (6:22) Monk, Williams, Hanighen
1.8 Perfect Peace (4:27) Callaway
1.9 Vocal 4 JC I (2:17) Callaway
1.10 Vocal 4 JC II (3:27) Callaway
1.11 Misty (3:04) Garner, Burke

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