Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper: Lloyd Green Album

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Artist: Peter Cooper

Artist: Peter Cooper
Title: Lloyd Green Album

After Peter Cooper's acclaimed debut 'Mission Door', he wanted to make a duo recording with the great Lloyd Green - a collaboration of voice and pedal steel. Peter presented each of these songs to his favorite musician, steel guitar maestro Lloyd Green, as nearly blank canvases, shaded only by acoustic guitar and vocal. Lloyd drew the paintings and then some of our friends came by and framed the whole deal. The friends are Richard Bennett (guitars), Jen Gunderman (keyboards, accordian), Pat McInerney (drums, percussion), Mark Horn (drums) and harmony vocals by Kim Carnes, Rodney Crowell, Pam Rose, Fayssoux Starling McLean, Julie Lee and Eric Brace. The songs are beautiful and spare (there's no bass on these tracks and very little drumming), and include ones written by Peter as well as others by Tom T. Hall, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, and Kris Kristofferson. We're confident you've never heard a voice so beautifully framed by a steel guitar, nor a steel guitar so well matched by a voice.

1.1 Dumb Luck
1.2 The Last Laugh
1.3 Elmer the Dancer
1.4 Gospel Song
1.5 Bells of Odilia
1.6 Mama, Bake Me a Pie
1.7 Champion of the World
1.8 Tulsa Queen
1.9 That Poor Guy
1.10 What Dub Does
1.11 Here Comes That Rainbow Again
1.12 Train to Birmingham

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