Peter Kater: Elements Series: Earth

Peter Kater: Elements Series: Earth
Title: Elements Series: Earth
Label: Myndstream

Lus hand bountiful, the sacred pous of the earth resounds richly with gentle rhythms and melodies for times of relxation and the be standing fully connected to our own sacred ground. Luscious strings, gentle percussion and a profound silence carry Grammy-nominated Peter Kater's souful compositions straight to the heart of the listener.

1.1 Sunrise 1:12
1.2 Celestine 9:12
1.3 Summer Prelude 2:11
1.4 Summer 9:39
1.5 Autumn Prelude 1:59
1.6 Autumn 9:25
1.7 Winter Prelude 2:10
1.8 Winter 9:09
1.9 Spring Prelude 2:33
1.10 Spring 9:45
1.11 Sunset 2:48

Peter Kater: Elements Series: Earth

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