Peter Makena: Heart of Kindness

Peter Makena: Heart of Kindness
Title: Heart of Kindness
Label: CD Baby

Peter Makena has stories to sing. They are stories of this journey called Life - of it's loves and it's longings, it's prayers and poetry. They come from a deep exploration of his own journey- songs sung in a voice warm and compassionate, to music rich with meaning and sweet melody. Peter's music has a way of showing us our inner depth, of revealing that place where everything is perfect as it is, and we see clearly that this life is a blessing. Songs for relaxing into inner peace "Heart of Kindness" is a tapestry of music and voice, which illuminates verses, chants and sutras from the deepest expressions of the world's religions. This CD contains some of Peter's most heart-easing melodies, relaxing us beyond words and language, and let us dive deep, discovering the pearl within. In the song "Walk in Freedom" Peter sings a tribute to beloved friends. The deeply felt and rhythmic singing of their names is a highlight on this CD, and a simple and touching expression of a loving heart of kindness.

1.1 Love Light Healing
1.2 Deep Peace
1.3 Walk in Freedom
1.4 On a Breeze of Wonder
1.5 Prayer of St. Francis
1.6 Let It Be a Blessing
1.7 Heart of Kindness
1.8 Om Shanti

Peter Makena: Heart of Kindness

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