Peter Makena

Peter Makena: In Love

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Artist: Peter Makena

Artist: Peter Makena
Title: In Love

Peter Makena has stories to sing. They are stories of this journey called Life - of it's loves and it's longings, it's prayers and poetry. They come from a deep exploration of his own journey- songs sung in a voice warm and compassionate, to music rich with meaning and sweet melody. Peter's music has a way of showing us our inner depth, of revealing that place where everything is perfect as it is, and we see clearly that this life is a blessing. Songs of joyful expansion "In love" sings of the place inside each of us where love resides- the place that is undivided, where lover and beloved meet as one. Here is a love that accepts and embraces all that is. A love exemplified by the one who inspired the song "Forever Here", Ramana Maharshi. Silence and joy flow through this CD like a river and are reflected in every song.

1.1 Koan
1.2 Crossroads
1.3 The Window to Your Heart
1.4 At a Time Like This
1.5 Wild Rose
1.6 In Your Eyes
1.7 Be Welcome
1.8 Forever Here
1.9 Just One Glimpse
1.10 The Breeze at Dawn

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