Peter McCory: Big Blue Ball

Peter McCory: Big Blue Ball
Title: Big Blue Ball
Label: CD Baby

Here's a lively collection of original songs by Peter McCory, a real one-man band! His first CD for children, 'The Big Blue Ball' features unique and fresh sounding songs for kids 3 to 10. It's playful and positive, full of humor that will be appreciated by parents as well as children. 'The Big Blue Ball' won a 2001 Parents' Choice Recommended Award, as well as positive reviews in School Library Journal, Booklist and Washington Parent magazine. Some of the reviews appear below. True to his live performances, Peter played all the instruments on this recording himself (though not all at exactly the same time!). He plays guitar, harmonica, steel drum, ukulele and many rhythm instruments. Kids love to sing along and dance to the songs. About Peter McCory Peter McCory is known around Northern Virginia as 'The One-Man Band for Kids and Families!' He's an accomplished singer and guitarist... and a whole lot more. With his feet he plays the kick drum, snare, cowbell and high hats. Then he adds harmonica, kazoo, train whistle, and whatever else he can find. His songs are upbeat, interactive and fun. Peter performs at schools, libraries, festivals and child care centers all around the Washington, DC area. Older siblings, moms and dads, teachers, even grandparents love his music just as much as the children. There's something for everyone to appreciate. His performances are a little bit traveling minstrel show, a little bit hootenanny, and a whole lot of silly. He's been making kids and families smile with his songs since 1996. Peter's music is a tapestry of musical styles and colors. It's acoustic folk and pop based, with twinges of rhythms from around the world. A prolific songwriter for many years, his tunes and their lyrics are often inspired by what he hears from the kids for whom he performs. What People Say About 'The Big Blue Ball' School Library Journal, July 2001. This delightful first recording by children's entertainer Peter McCory will keep toes tapping and children laughing. A wide array of subject matter is covered. There are educational songs such as 'The Big Blue Ball,' a song about Earth and the environment, and the easy-to-learn '9-1-1' which teaches listeners to find the numbers on the phone, when to dial them, and what to do after you have. There are fun songs like 'Hi-Lo,' about what would happen if you combined the words hi and hello, 'Godzilla,' about a young boy who calls on the monster because his brother is bullying him, and 'Ooh, Gross!,' about all the truly gross things you could be forced to eat instead of broccoli. Finally, there is the nostalgic 'Warm Summer Nights' for parents as memories of childhood summer evenings are invoked in this gentle song. An excellent choice for all collections. - Veronica Schwartz, Des Plains Public Library, IL. Booklist, March 1, 2002. This cheerful, upbeat collection is a tour de force. A 'one-man band,' performer Peter McCory plays six instruments and sings 12 entertaining songs that cover such subjects as Grandma's visit ('Grandma Needs a Cat'), unusual food combinations ('Ooh Gross'), and summoning help ('9-1-1'). 'Warm Summer Nights' stirs feelings of nostalgia, and 'Godzilla' strikes a note of revenge for oppressed younger siblings everywhere. The imaginative tunes (10 are original McCory compositions) feature a backup children's chorus on two selections. A winner for young listeners. - Laurie Hartshorn.

1.1 The Big Blue Ball
1.2 Godzilla
1.3 Hi-Lo
1.4 Grandma Needs a Cat
1.5 Ooh, Gross!
1.6 The Limbo Stick
1.7 The Duel
1.8 9-1-1
1.9 The Rabbit Song
1.10 Rockin' Rocket Ship
1.11 Get a Little Exercise
1.12 Warm Summer Nights

Peter McCory: Big Blue Ball

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