Peter Panka: Peter Panka's Jane Live At Rockpalast-Bonn 2004

Peter Panka: Peter Panka&
Title: Peter Panka's Jane Live At Rockpalast-Bonn 2004
Label: Made in Germany Musi

Peter Panka's Jane Live At Rockpalast-Bonn 2004 - Of the eleven albums that Jane released on Brain between 1972 and 1982 alone, more than two million copies were sold. Cult status albums like their debut "Together" (1972), the successor "Here we are" (1973) or "Lady" (1975), "Fire, Water, Earth & Air" and "Live At Home", both released in 1976 and characterized by powerful organ driven melodic rock, are classified in German rock history as mile stones. The live recorded album "Live At Home" even became the bands' bestseller receiving the "Golden Brain Label" from the record company in September 1977. This era is characterized by tours throughout Europe, TV performances, permanent radio presence and sold-out concerts. - To fit the nostalgic occasion at the "Krautrockpalast" in December 2004 Peter Panka's Jane played a colorful best of program with the most important and popular tunes of their career. Indispensible alongside songs like 'Fire, Water, Earth & Air' or 'Daytime' were, of course, both outstanding compositions of the band, the wonderful dreamy 'Out In The Rain' and the vigorous piece 'Hangman', a classy boogie rocker with an orgiastic guitar solo. The concert at the Bonn "Harmonie" ends with the ballad 'So, So Long', a number which today - after more than twelve years and many Jane shows later - almost sounds like a farewell to singer and drummer Peter Panka.

1.1 Back Again (Live) 8:00
1.2 All My Friends (Live) 2:36
1.3 Fire, Water, Earth and Air (Live) 8:09
1.4 Daytime (Live) 8:15
1.5 Try to Find / Wind / Water (Live) 6:35
1.6 Way to Paradise (Live) 4:14
1.7 Windows / Spain (Live) 13:21
1.8 Out in the Rain (Live) 7:11
1.9 Hangman (Live) 12:09
1.10 So So Long (Live) 3:35

Peter Panka: Peter Panka's Jane Live At Rockpalast-Bonn 2004

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