Peter Scales: I Will Be Here

Peter Scales: I Will Be Here
Title: I Will Be Here
Label: CD Baby

Do you like the Contemporary Christian songs of Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Schultz, and Point of Grace? If you do, you will love Peter Scales' new versions of hits made famous by those artists and others like Casting Crowns, Avalon, and Chris Rice! Want to hear a song that reflects the joy you feel, or that comforts you, or gives you strength in times of challenge? There's a song for all those moments here. Peter Scales' 'I Will Be Here' is a Contemporary Christian Greatest Hits collection that is a snapshot of his music ministry the last few years, with inspirational vocals, outstanding keyboards, and stirring arrangements of favorite Christian radio hits. You can listen here on to samples of the songs. But the teenage daughter of a family friend, listening to the CD in the car and not knowing who it was, had to ask, 'who is that?--is that Elton John?' Contemporary Christian meets Elton John. That's worth a listen! Peter has sung Come to Jesus at funerals as well as regular services. I Will Be Here is known as a wedding song, but with a few pronouns changed, it becomes Jesus singing of His promise. He's done Above All at Good Friday services. The Christmas song Joseph's Lullaby is special because he sang it at his mom's church. Where Joy and Sorrow Meet is a great song anytime, and especially for the Lenten season. Not Too Far From Here speaks universally to the ability we all have to comfort those around us who are hurting. And Remember Me is both a message to keep Jesus in our minds and hearts, and the often unspoken hope all of us have that we too, will be lovingly remembered...Each of these contemporary songs touches at least one person in the congregation, and usually many, with a message of hope, a message of comfort, and a message that says that each of us, personally, with God's love and God's help, can do something in this world to make it better... Peter's Credit Notes from the I Will Be Here CD... Thanks to all the folks who helped make this project the joy it was...Jonathan Owen and Dana Self for their incredible keyboards that made me want to yell like a little kid, "we're making music!... Kelly Hall for making a beautiful song-God Help the Outcasts-even more gorgeous with her lead vocal... Our friend Erin Keegan for her lovely back-up vocals that added so much to Jesus Will Still Be There and Not Too Far From Here...My wife Martha Roper, for her haunting call and answer on Remember Me, Job-like patience with this project, and straight-arrow critiques about what was right and what wasn't... Tom Deglman of Smith-Lee Productions for his masterful engineering and making us all sound better than we remembered it...and Karen Caracci for her beautiful graphic design of the CD artwork...Thanks too, to the many people who've taught me so much vocally over the years, especially voice teacher Jeanette Myers, who, in a lesson one day during my particularly uninspired rendition of one of these songs, confronted me in exasperation with the question, "Have you READ the text?" If she thinks I have read, felt, and told the message of these songs, then that is enough...

1.1 I Will Be Here
1.2 Above All
1.3 (Untitled Hymn) Come to Jesus
1.4 His Strength Is Perfect
1.5 Jesus Will Still Be There
1.6 It's Still the Cross
1.7 The Promise
1.8 All Is Well
1.9 Joseph's Lullaby
1.10 Not Too Far from Here
1.11 Who Am I?
1.12 God Help the Outcasts
1.13 Where Joy and Sorrow Meet
1.14 Remember Me

Peter Scales: I Will Be Here

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