Peter & Test Tube Babies

Peter & Test Tube Babies: Pissed & Proud

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Pissed & Proud
Label: Drastic Plastic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 150gm opaque pink vinyl LP pressing. The wisecracking Peter and the Test Tube Babies' fantastic 1982 debut record, PISSED AND PROUD, is a collection of live performances from multiple venues in England. Nested in the Punk Pathetique subgenre of British Punk, PISSED AND PROUD is PTTB at it's best: Raw, energetic and hilarious.

1.1 Moped Lads
1.2 Banned from the Pubs
1.3 Elvis Is Dead
1.4 Up Yer Bum
1.5 Smash N Grab
1.6 Run Like Hell
1.7 Shit Stirrer
1.8 Intensive Care
1.9 Keep Britain Untidy
1.10 Transvestite
1.11 Maniac
1.12 Disco
1.13 I'm the Leader of the Gang

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