Peter Wale: Goodbye Cape Town & Good Riddance

Peter Wale: Goodbye Cape Town & Good Riddance
Artist: Peter Wale
Title: Goodbye Cape Town & Good Riddance
Product Type: VINYL LP

As seen in Pokora 6001 with 5 stars rarity, this privately pressed grail from Peter Wale was originally limited to just 200 copies and only included one disc with a total of four songs. Having sold only a handful of copies, the remaining were left in a Brazilian dumpster where Peter moved before relocating from South America to the USA. Easily one of the rarest South African rock related LP's ever releasedReleased in it's entirety for the first time ever, and cut at 45RPM for maximum sound quality, this 85+ minute recording is loaded with acid flutes & guitar solos. An essential album with long songs and progressive flourishes. For fans of; The Abstract Truth, Freedom's Children, Jo'burg Hawk, SUCK, The Third Eye & Leong Lau.

1.1 C Minor Impromptu
1.2 Mama Ran from the Devil
1.3 Red Weather
1.4 D Minor Impromptu
1.5 The Return of Shylock Hurd
1.6 Stag
1.7 When Autumn Leaves Are Falling
1.8 Lonely Man
1.9 Good Golly Good Jesus
1.10 Sometimes Lovin
1.11 Rabbit Row
1.12 One Quiet Sultry Sunday
1.13 Sister Mary
1.14 Goodbye Capetown

Peter Wale: Goodbye Cape Town & Good Riddance

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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