Peterson-Berger / Olof Hojer

Peterson-Berger / Olof Hojer: Complete Piano Music 3: Memo

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Title: Complete Piano Music 3: Memo
Label: Swedish Society

1.1 I. Dalslandspolska (Dalsland Reel)
1.2 II. Sangvals Fran Angermanland (Waltz Song from Angermanland)
1.3 III. Ebba Brahes Polska (Ebba Brahe's Reel)
1.4 IV. Gammal Sangpolska (Old Song Reel)
1.5 V. Jamtolska (Reel from Jamtland)
1.6 Kung Junis Intag (Entry of the June King)
1.7 I. Pa Vagen (On the Road)
1.8 II. Sorlregn (Sunshine Rain)
1.9 III. Herrgardsfroknarna (The Ladies of the Manor)
1.10 IV. Fjarrsyn (Distant View)
1.11 V. Forbi (Past)
1.12 I. Akallan (Invocation)
1.13 II. Blomsteroffret (Floral Offerning)
1.14 III. Vapenvigning (Consecrating the Weapons)
1.15 IV. Tempelceremoni (Temple Rite)
1.16 V. Rapsoden Sjunger (The Rhapsodist Sings)
1.17 VI. Lyckorunor (Runes of Good Fortune)
1.18 VII. Lofte (Promise)
1.19 No. 1. Menuett
1.20 No. 2. Gavott
1.21 No. 3. Vals
1.22 September

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