Petula Clark

Petula Clark: Pet Sounds 1

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Artist: Petula Clark

Artist: Petula Clark
Title: Pet Sounds 1

Pet recorded first for Columbia in 1949, then switched to Polygon the following year. Here are virtually all of those early recordings: Put Your Shoes on Lucy; There's a House in the Sky; Black Note Serenade; Clickety Clack; Song of the Mermaid; It Had to Be You; Tennessee Waltz; a Boy in Love, and more, 24 in all.

1.1 Put Your Shoes on Lucy
1.2 Silver Dollar
1.3 I'll Always Love You
1.4 Clancy Lowered the Boom
1.5 You Are My True Love
1.6 You're the Sweetest in the Land
1.7 Beloved, Be Faithful
1.8 Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul
1.9 Tennessee Waltz
1.10 Sleepy Eyes
1.11 Teasin'
1.12 Black Note Serenade
1.13 May Kway Oh May Kway
1.14 Clickety Clack
1.15 Mariandl
1.16 Broken Heart
1.17 That's How a Love Song Is Born
1.18 Cold Cold Heart
1.19 Tell Me Truly
1.20 Song of the Mermaid
1.21 The Card
1.22 It Had to Be You
1.23 A Boy in Love
1.24 Where Did My Snowman Go

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