Peyce Bryon

Peyce Bryon: Whosoever

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peyce Bryon

Title: Whosoever
Label: CD Baby

This "Whosoever" CD is for me an expression of the Jesus I have come to know and love as an African American Christian Gay Male who was raised in the rural south. I know that there may be some who think the words gay and christian cannot go together. As one friend put it, "some church people tell me that there's too much gay to be christian, and some in the LGBT Community tell me there's too much christian to be gay." So where do I fit? Well I eventually found my own personal 'fit' right in the arms of Jesus - just as I am. That's what this "Whosoever" CD is all about - Jesus. But I'll tell you something else. For a number of years I ignored the Voice inside that encouraged me to make this CD. Why? Simple. I was afraid. Isn't that why many of us don't do things we really want to do? "Nobody knows me. What if nobody likes it, or likes me for reasons just mentioned, or who will buy it?" Fear - and of course - pride. In my family, we have a name for it. The Owens Pride....and not the good kind. On April 25, 2010 while driving by my office building in Hollywood on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in California before the workday on Monday, I suddenly said out loud in jest, "Ok, you know Lord, I believe you want me to do a 'Jesus Music CD' (I like to use 'Jesus Music CD' instead of 'Gospel Music'- not that gospel is a bad word of course) and Lord I'm ready to do it. But, I love my job and I just feel that I really would have to not be working so that I could focus totally on the project." Three weeks later, May 18, 2010 I was unexpectedly given notice by my employer owners that May 27, 2010 would be our last day as the company was relocating to another state. I am not saying that God moved my owners to another state because of me. It was a great move for them as I understand it. But, while I was shocked and had an emotional farewell, I can take a hint!?! And on May 28th, I 'surrendered' and got right to work on this project in truth, authenticity and purpose. I have written, produced, arranged and performed these songs for any and all in hopes that you will experience and encounter Jesus anew in your mind and heart even as your lips and hips move to the Old School House/Gospel/Disco/R&B/Pop/Rock style music. There are 10 songs - 'Surrender' 'Shame' and if needed, consider incorporating a few 'Basics'. It's 'Normal' . For 'Whosoever' 'Stands' on and in God's abiding love, grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and Word is 'Restored' through the finished work already completed at 'Calvary'. So be 'Transformed' into God's image - energetically and eagerly looking forward to the mystery of the' 'Resurrection' 'of the dead in Christ Jesus. On my website you will find along with lyrics, various scripture references (not all by any means) that I may have referenced during songs and direct excerpts from my real-time 'slightly edited' Notes Recording Sessions / Journal. There are even a few stories (one includes The Clark Sisters) from earlier times that represent a little of who I am and from where I have come. The title of this CD says it all! So it is my sincere hope that 'whosoever' you may be and from wherever you have come, for approximately 53 minutes as you listen to this music, you allow yourself the freedom and opportunity to be taken to a place inside yourself where you can comprehend, connect with and experience the radical Jesus and his amazing and non-compromising love, compassion, boldness, grace, rejuvenation, encouragement, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, support, healing, release, relief, power and peace - given us all. Here's to your 'surrender.'

1.1 Surrender
1.2 Shame
1.3 Basics
1.4 Normal
1.5 Whosoever
1.6 Stand
1.7 Restored
1.8 Calvary
1.9 Transformed
1.10 Resurrection

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