Phil Collins Big Band

Phil Collins Big Band: A Hot Night In Paris

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Product Type: CD

Title: A Hot Night In Paris
Label: Atlantic

6-time Grammy-winner Phil Collins realizes a decades-long dream with the release of a Hot Night in Paris, his 1st-ever big band recording. Stepping behind the drum-kit in the role that earned him early fame with Genesis, Collins performs a set of inventively re-tooled big band versions of the songs that made him a household name, along with a few surprises. Highlights: "Sussudio" and "Against All Odds" (featuring an inspired sax solo by Gerald Albright).

1.1 Sussudio
1.2 That's All
1.3 Invisible Touch
1.4 Hold on My Heart
1.5 Chips ; Salsa
1.6 I Don't Care Anymore
1.7 Milestones
1.8 Against All Odds
1.9 Pick Up the Pieces
1.10 The los Endos Suite

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