Phil Loc

Phil Loc: Package Deal

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Artist: Phil Loc

Artist: Phil Loc
Title: Package Deal

Touch One Entertainment is a full-range record label specializing in recording, producing, writing, engineering and management. Although not limited in a specific genre, Touch One Entertainment hosts Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B/Soul. Founded by Phillip Turner in 2001, Touch One Entertainment is comprised of several friends from different backgrounds and experiences who bring a wide range of talents and ideas to their united table. A native of Canton, OH, It is no surprise that Phillip has a natural love for music. Phillip comes from a musical background, as his father had a group/band back in the day. Phillip has worked with TKL Inc., Maximus Music, Morphiend Music and versatile musical talents such as B. Hannibal, MBakin, Tony Reno, TGZ, Parkway Marc, Ill from Ill Beats, Danny Boi, Alex Richbourg (aka Godson), Robert Andrews (aka Baunchi Zoomadelic), just to name a few. "I would love to work with Timberland, Kanye West, D.J. Quick, Devin Da Dude, NAS, Too Short, Above the Law and Battle Cat," says Phillip. Phillip has already begun to make his indelible mark in the industry. He has worked on a project called Realist Wrote, an original promotional hip-hop album turned mix tape released in 2009. Unconvinced that the album was ready for national release, yet undaunted, Phillip took it the streets in a successful grassroots effort to get his music heard. Bridging his love for music and his desire to positively influence youth, Phillip also mentors and coaches young people between the ages of 8-16 in life skills in his hometown of Canton, OH. "It's important to give back. My goals are not only to have a successful entertainment company, but to make an impact in the community and the future of our children." Bringing quality entertainment is paramount to Touch One Entertainment and it's all about team work and everyone bringing their expertise and collaborating their talents and determination for success. With this winning combination, Touch One Entertainment is sure to become one of the preeminent record labels in the industry. As with any growing business, it takes long hours and dedication. The Touch One Entertainment team consists of Founder, producer, writer, programmer, executive producer and recording artist, Phillip Turner (aka Phil-Loc), Joshua Tuck Sr. (aka Jargun) - writer, recording artist and label executive; Stanley L. Brown (aka Money Man Stan) - consultant, management, promotions, negotiations and finances; Reynold Williams III (aka Tony Reno) - writer, recording artist, and producer; Calvin Miles (aka MBakin) - recording artist, writer, videographer and fashion designer; Jermell McCole (aka Melly Mell) - writer, recording artist and videographer; Christian Spilios (aka Nexus) - writer, producer, technical engineer and computer technician; Jason Torrence (aka Spraydar) - writer and recording artist; Cleveland Dickerson III and Eric Rogers of Morphiend Music - engineers, recording artists, producers, writers, and DJs; Jeffrey Tharp (aka J. Swole) - Public Relations, and Kamon Stokes (aka K-luv) - producer and DJ. Currently in the studio shooting a video for one of the singles from Phillip's solo album entitled Package Deal, which he describes as mostly hip-hop with a touch of R&B. His label mates are also featured on the album, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2011.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Da Word
1.3 2 Coupes
1.4 Time II Play
1.5 Lumberjackz
1.6 Love My Swag
1.7 Do U Wanna Ride
1.8 Warriorz
1.9 Outta Control
1.10 Pimp Shit
1.11 Da Kind I Like
1.12 Miss Mary (Prelude)
1.13 Ohio Boss
1.14 Movin Thru Traffic
1.15 Game 2 Be Sold (Not Told)
1.16 She Choosin

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