Philip Sidney Gross

Philip Sidney Gross: The International Morse Code

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Title: The International Morse Code
Label: Folkways Records

Philip S. Gross narrates this 1962 album which details a particular method developed by Gross to learn Morse code called the "Gross Method". He states that his method reduces the learning time from 50-60 hours to "acquire a skill of 4-7 words a minute" down to 3 to 4 hours. Through a combination of "perceptualization, mnemomics, association and analysis" Gross walks the listener through his method which is transcribed in the liner notes along with images of the Morse code and corresponding letters and numbers.

1.1 Introduction to Learning the Code
1.2 Using the Sound Symbol
1.3 Numbers and the Alphabet
1.4 Learning the Numbers
1.5 Numbers 1-5
1.6 Dictation Lesson # 1: The Alphabet
1.7 Numbers
1.8 Dictation Lesson # 2

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