Pia Fraus

Pia Fraus: Now You Know It Still Feels the Same

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 12/03/2021
Artist: Pia Fraus

Title: Now You Know It Still Feels the Same
Label: Seksound
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. "This album was recorded to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pia Fraus debut album Wonder What It's Like. These songs were written in the early period when we all were youngsters at the age of sixteen. It all started from nothing, without any clue what to do or how to play our instruments. It started when most things happened by accident. Now, more than twenty years later, you can still hear and feel this confused, sweaty but dreamy teenage vibe. It's great to say that it still feels the same! We're incredibly thankful for all of you who believed in us!"

1.1 How Fast Can You Love
1.2 Obnoxious
1.3 Moon Like a Pearl
1.4 Wonderful Nothing
1.5 Summer Before Spring
1.6 In Mind
1.7 Prig
1.8 Bla (Morning Hue)
1.9 Beautiful Next Time
1.10 Deep Purple Girl
1.11 Swim in Eyes
1.12 Plastic World

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