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Pied Pumkin: Pumkids

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Artist: Pied Pumkin

Title: Pumkids
Label: CD Baby

PUMKIDS - Tuneful Tales for Kid and Kin WINNER: Best Children's Album, 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards Outstanding Children's Release, Western Cdn Music Awards 2007 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award North American Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Honor Award "Songs fueled by heart and delivered via stand-out vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentals add up to listening pleasure for ears of any age." -Parents' Choice 'The sense of family and fun is ubiquitous. PUMKIDS will put a smile of your face and reawaken the child inside.' Beloved Canadian folk trio PIED PUMKIN presents 12 tuneful tales inspired by their children and memories of their own childhoods. Dulcimer, violin, mandolin, guita, piano and vocal harmonies combined in uplifting, playful, heartfelt songs the whole family can enjoy together. Award winning solo children's entertainer RICK SCOTT introduces his musical pals JOE MOCK and SHARI ULRICH with whom he has been making and recording music for over 30 years. PUMKIDS is their first children's recording. Lively melodies, sublime harmonies and warmhearted humour unfold playful stories about getting along and getting around (GOOD FOOTIN'), a little girl's struggle to learn violin (ANNABELLE'S FIDDLE), a French nonsense song (UPSIDE OF DOWN)and a spirited ELEPHANT RIDE. Celebrated Canadian folk icon FRED PENNER joins the band to sing on UPSIDE OF DOWN/BON COTE DE DOWN, theme song for the 2006 World Congress on Down Syndrome. Innovative all cardboard full colour packaging with 16 page booklet with lyrics illustrated by Kari Burk. Produced by Valley Hennell and engineer Anthony Maki who created Rick Scott's multi award-winning lullbay CD SNOOZE Music (2006 NAPPA Gold, Parents' Choice Silve Honor and iParenting Media Best Products Awards). 'Long ago and just around the corner, Pied Pumkin seeded a garden of song across the country. All ages came along, and soon the whole room would be dancing, always with a cozy corner set aside for the little folks and their dreams. These songs grew up with our childdren and are now leaving home to discover new imagine nations.' PIED PUMKIN OLD FOLKSINGER BOB BOSSIN Calls Pied Pumkin the most original, spirited expressions of West Coast culture since Emily Carr.' ROGUE FOLK CLUB FOUNDER Steve Edge says, 'Sublime harmonies, intricate swinging rhythmic tunes. BC's most lovable string band began their trail-blazing antics in 1973. They inspired a generation to make another generation of folkies." THe GABRIOLA SOUNDER says: There are traces of the Beatles--lovely singing, soaring unusual arrangments, quirky and inventive as yellow submarines and octopus agardens, as previously unimagines worlds open. But this group can also duplicate the performances, vocally and instrumentally, live.' 1. PAPA DO WAH DIDDY - This uptempo novelty celebrates the terrible two's and wonderful why's of Rick Scott's inquisitive son Jorg. "What does your papa do wah diddy, mama diddy what does he do?" 2. GOOD FOOTIN' - Pied Pumkin meets the Beach Boys with an uptempo folk groove, cheeky harmonies and, barrel house piano while stepping out and getting around. 3. ANNABELLE'S FIDDLE - Shari Ulrich's daughter and her own childhood inspired this playful narrative of a little girl's struggle to learn violin from Twinkle Twinkle to a full out jig. 4. AMANDINE - JOE MOCK fashioned up this lively nonsense song from the only words he knew that rhymed in French when barely speaking the language. "Dans la chambre de ma tête/Il n'y a pas de cacahouète..." 'In the room inside my head there is not a single peanut...' 5. WE'RE HAVING A PARTY - This novelty tune is Pumkin's invitation to everyone to party hearty with kids and dogs, a homemade cake and RICK Scott's homestyle trombone. 6. UPSIDE OF DOWN - FRED PENNER joins Pied Pumkin to sing this joyous theme harmonic anthem that was written as the theme song for the 2006 World Congress on Down Syndrome. A DVD of this song is also available. 7. ELEPHANT RIDE - This Pumkinized version of a Rick Scott family favourite rumbles through the jungle with humour and groove and Rick on trombone. 8. LITTLE TAI - This lively lullaby inspired by Rick Scott's youngest daughter was too exuberant to be included in RICK's multi award winning/Juno nominated SNOOZE MUSIC. 9. BOWEN ISLAND - Shari Ulrich views her island home through her daughter's eyes in this song originally written for Sesame Street. 10. SEBASTAPHONE - A homemade chapatti changes Christopher Columbus' view of the world and ends world hunger in Rick Scott's tribute to all round edibles made with flour. 11. WHEN THE BELL RINGS - "Looking at the days that I spent in school I could never seem to tell the greens from the blues" Joe Mock remembers how music's inspired and sustained him as a young boy growing up. 12. VALENTINE'S DAY - A gentle musical Valentine. 13. BON COTE DE DOWN - FRED PENNER joins the Pumkin in the French reprise of this joyous theme from the 2006 World Congress on Down Syndrome. (This is a French version of Track 6)

1.1 Papa Do Wah Diddy
1.2 Good Footin'
1.3 Annabelle's Fiddle - Pied Pumkin, Ulrich, Shari
1.4 Amandine - Pied Pumkin, Mock, Joe
1.5 We're Having a Party
1.6 Upside of Down
1.7 Elephant Ride
1.8 Little Tai
1.9 Bowen Island - Pied Pumkin, Ulrich, Shari
1.10 Sebastaphone
1.11 When the Bell Rings
1.12 Valentine's Day
1.13 Le Bon CôTé de Down

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