Piedmont Songbag: Try & Spread Some Cheer

Piedmont Songbag: Try & Spread Some Cheer
Title: Try & Spread Some Cheer
Label: CD Baby

Christmas is a time of high expectations for reform of some of the worst aspects of human behavior. As if nothing invokes love and tolerance like wild commercial excess, and the constant replay of simple melodies that have the peculiar ability to infest the brain and repeat themselves endlessly. In an effort to retain our sanity, we prisoners here, in the Piedmont Songbag Tower of Song, enjoy poking a hole in the Christmas balloon of faux joy. We hope what escapes is some real merriment. We present some unlikeable characters along the way. If you are not offended, please contact us and we will try to work your area of sensitivity into our next release. It's our belief that by exposing prejudice and intolerance to laughter we drain it's power. This music may not be for everyone, but it is especially for those who are having a hard time at Christmas. You know who you are. So this year, no matter your personal situation - try and spread some cheer. Hope this helps...

1.1 Don't Take the Stockings from the Tree
1.2 Dwarven Dirge
1.3 Santa in July
1.4 Burning the Christmas Tree
1.5 Christmas to Remember
1.6 Dance Little Puppet
1.7 Stupid Christmas Songs
1.8 Roger, It's Snowing
1.9 All I Really Need
1.10 Santa on a Crying Jag
1.11 Popping the Inflatables
1.12 Nuts ; Eggs
1.13 Christmas Time Machine
1.14 Hunt, Hunt, Hunting
1.15 Germantown
1.16 C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S

Piedmont Songbag: Try & Spread Some Cheer

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