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Pierce Brochetti & Company: Mind Your Own Business

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Title: Mind Your Own Business
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***The Mars Rover-The Mars Rover was inspired by the Mars Rover (Dah!). Fascinating how we can send a robot up into outer space to Mars to bring back information about the planet. Watching the news while the Rover was up in space was a daily ritual, then everything started going wrong. The Rover got stuck and couldn't transmit, then they couldn't locate him. About two weeks later he starts beeping again and everyone got happy again and were cheering him on. Not sure but I think he made it back home. ***Take A Hit-Take A Hit is about a time (one time) that I smoked pot. I was about 11 years old and a buddy of mine (who is still a good friend) had gotten a 'J' from his older sister.He showed it to me and said he wanted to try it, so we did. At first nothing happened but slowly we started trippin'. We started hearing noises and freaked out when the wind blew some leaves past our way. We hugged each other like we were going to die. Then the cat was startled and we must have jumped ten feet in the air screaming to the same tune as the cat. If you listen closely to the song, around :45 seconds before the ending, you can hear a change in the 'texture' of the song. That represents the cat screaching and two, eleven year olds screaming bloody murder. Hehehehehehe, I can laugh now but back then, that was a harrowing experience. ***Glad You Came By-I write a lot about past girlfriends and experiences and this is no exception! About 5 years ago I was madly in love with a cute white girl and I think she was madly in love with me: At least that's what she told me so let's just go with it. I was always glad to see her and I told her that one day. About a week later she surprised me by popping in unannounced. I was taken aback because she wasn't the type to just show up like that. We had so much fun that day. We went shopping for what seemed hours then we stopped and had lunch. Went to the park and fell asleep on the grass. When we woke up neither wanted to go back home so we went and got coffee and just talked for hours then went and had dinner at a really nice restaurant. Afterward we saw a movie and then played around in the theater like two teenagers. When we got home we were both so worked up, we made sweet passionate love for ....well, you get the idea....it was one of the best days of my life. ***A Walk In The Park-Another 'girlfriend' themed song. When I was twenty seven, I had a really hott girlfriend who was twenty three. She was gorgeous (at least I thought). She was very pretty, about my height, slender with a heart-shaped tushi. She had big, round blue eyes that made me melt every time I looked into them. One Sunday I surprised her by calling her up and telling her to be ready. I went to Subway and bought a couple of sandwiches and drinks, grabbed a blanket, picked her up and we went to sit at the park. I thought I was in a fairytale. It was so perfect: Beautiful girl, food, and drink. All we needed was the music (hence this song). We sat there for a little bit and then decided to take a walk. As we were walking I told her that it felt like we were in a movie (referring to how perfect things seemed) and she started laughing then I started laughing....it was a perfect walk in the park. ***Mind Your Own Business-The title track to the CD, this song goes out to all those people who feel themselves worthy to judge you. The person or persons who feel themselves worthy enough to spread unsubstantiated rumors. People who call themselves your friend and then say attrocities about you when you're not around. To all those hypocrites that tell you how to run your life and what you should and should not do, but can't even run their own lives. To all these folks I say FUCK YOU! ***Relax-I was once standing on the bridge in East Los Angeles that overlooks the 5fwy at rush hour. I started humming a tune and I just repeated it over and over. I also had my trusty recorder on me so I hummed this tune into it just to remember it for when I got home. While I was watching the traffic all I could think about was that 'ol adage that goes, 'Stop and smell the flowers once in a while.' I realized that most people have never stopped to smell the flowers. They are always hustlin' and bustlin' trying to get to work so they can make the money to pay for their SUV's or Cadillac's and trying to outdo the Jones'. I am sorry to say that I think most people will never stop to smell the flowers. There are so many flowers in so many places, even where the people work at, and they still don't stop. My grandmother, who raised me from when I was about 2years old, would always tell me that there was a lot of bad in this world and to watch out, but that if I looked hard enough, I could find the good too and to be grateful for it. Very wise lady, my grandmother: I miss her dearly. ***Black Cobra Funk-This song was a funky little tune that used to be a warmup/practice riff that I played all the time. One day I wasn't doing much and started playing with it. I added a few things here and there and the drums just took it over the top. Turned out to be one of my favorites. ***Rock My Boat-This one goes out to our service men and women. Can't say enough about them. You guys do us proud. You do so much for our country and we can't thank you enough. We love and appreciate it every day and I hope you never forget that. You are the best! Just ask Bin Laden! BAM! You know, this song should have been called 'I dare you to Rock My Boat.' Whether you drive an Abrams tank, cruise around in a Nemitz, fly around in an F-35 or light up the bad guys with 50 caliber Barrett, we are the best in the world because of You! Thank you. ***Remember-For those of you who know me, you know I like to read poems. My nanna got me started on them when I was a little boy and I grew to like them. A few years ago I was reading a collection of poems (ironic that I cannot remember the name of the book), and at the end of the book, there some quotes by some famous people and some not so famous people. One of these quotes was called 'Remember' and what it basically says is that you should forget the bad things that people do and try and remember the good. Easier said than done but I try. ***Bonita-This one was inspired by a lost love a few years ago. We had met in school and hit it off right away. We didn't have much in common but we got along so well. We jelled so perfectly, kinda like finding that person that you spoon with perfectly. She was very pretty hence the song title. For those of you who don't know, bonita means pretty girl or pretty woman in latin. I was so smitten, so head-over-heels that I wrote this song. She had to move away and when she told me, we both sat and cried for two hours. As it turns out she never heard the song. She had to leave before it was finished and I lost contact. I do remember her smile very vividly, as if she was still with me. I wonder if she would know the song was about her if she heard it. ***Sai Away With Me-This song is about the 'Love of My Life.' She had everything: Beauty, brains and a great physique to boot. I would always tell her I would sail away with her any time she wanted and then we would start giggling. She was really beautiful (at least in my eyes she was). I don't think she ever believed me when I told her that I thought she was beautiful but I would tell her anyway. One day she came and told me that she was going to sail away and that she wanted me to go with her. I couldn't. I really wished that I could have but I had too much going on at the time so we parted. We kept in touch for a little while, but like most long distance relationships, we slowly drifted apart (kinda ironic, don't you think?). We sailed in separate directions. I still think about her a lot. Especially when I'm alone and in a writing mood. I really thought she was the one. Lesson learned: If you're going to sail away with someone...DO IT!! Don't wait. Pack the car, pop in my CD and head on out to the highw

1.1 Mind Your Own Business
1.2 Rock My Boat
1.3 Bonita
1.4 Remember
1.5 A Walk in the Park
1.6 Take a Hit
1.7 Sail Away with Me
1.8 Black Cobra Funk
1.9 Relax
1.10 Glad You Came By
1.11 Mars Rover
1.12 The Chase
1.13 Mary

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