Pierpaolo Manca: Single Moment of Life

Pierpaolo Manca: Single Moment of Life
Title: Single Moment of Life
Label: CD Baby

In Eastern philosophy, the present the past and the future are manifested in every moment of our lives and the perception of the world is constantly changing in each of these moments in relation to our emotional state. It is not the world that has changed, but our perception of it . The same situation is therefore experienced differently depending on how we are inwardly. This reflection has accompanied me in the writing of the ten tracks that make up the CD. Each of them represent the instant when this emotion is manifested through the memories"real" or "imagined" of past moments, translating it into sounds and silences written on a sheet. But no man is an island. The peculiarity of jazz is that the music is made through the interaction of the instruments involved: it creates a dialogue among the musicians who, in turn, capture the emotion of the moment and make each piece unique and unrepeatable. Just by registering you can capture the magic that is created in this interaction. For this reason there are two takes of the same song, Le Petite Prince, not a mere exercise in style, but the desire to express a different emotion in front of the same reality. It is not the song which is to be changed, but the way we hear it. The jazz group most suitable to realising this idea is the trio: a chamber ensemble that in jazz has had many examples in the piano-bass-drums trio, and fewer in those with the guitar. An extra challenge that was made possible by the great experience, technique and musical sensitivity of Stefano Colpi and the enthusiasm of Filip Milenkovic that has infused a lot of youthful energy and rhythmic happiness in the project.

1.1 On Time
1.2 Whispering
1.3 The Little Prince
1.4 A Single Moment of Life
1.5 The Butterfly Effect
1.6 Dance (Ballu)
1.7 Past, Present, Future
1.8 The Sphinx
1.9 From Now on
1.10 The Little Prince (2nd Take)

Pierpaolo Manca: Single Moment of Life

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