Pilot to Gunner

Pilot to Gunner: Games At High Speeds

$31.81 $36.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Pilot to Gunner

Title: Games At High Speeds
Label: Thirty Something Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

20th anniversary reissue of the American indie/post-punk band's 2001 debut album, recorded by J. Robbins of Jawbox and originally released on Gern Blandsten. Heavy 180g white vinyl with deluxe reverse board sleeve and heavy 2 sided insert. Includes two previously unreleased live tracks.

1.1 Every Minute Is A Movie
1.2 We Got Games At High Speeds
1.3 Zero Return
1.4 Put It In The Post
1.5 It's So Good To Be Here In Paris
1.6 Bring It Live
1.7 Believer Receiver
1.8 Band Finale
1.9 Lurid Loop's Dead
1.10 Run Interference
1.11 We Got Games At High Speeds (Live)
1.12 Every Minute Is A Movie (Live)

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