Pimp C

Pimp C: Pimpalation

$16.32 $18.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Pimp C

Title: Pimpalation
Label: Rap-A-Lot

This CD is the follow-up and the soundtrack for the SVS that took you inside the life of Pimp C, as he gets his life back together after his release from prison on 12/30/05. This is the amended version.

1.1 The Pimp Is Free (Intro)
1.2 I'm Free
1.3 Knockin Doorz Down
1.4 Rock 4 Rock
1.5 Pourin' Up
1.6 The Honey
1.7 Gitcha Mind Right
1.8 I Don't F* Wit U
1.9 Working the Wheel
1.10 Bobby ; Whitney
1.11 Like That (Remix)
1.12 Cheat on Yo Man
1.13 Havin' Thangs '06
1.14 Overstand Me
1.15 On Your Mind
1.16 I Miss U
1.17 Outro

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