Pimpin & Panderin: Unlimited Game

Pimpin & Panderin: Unlimited Game
Title: Unlimited Game
Label: CD Baby

A True 'Toast to The West Coast' Classic!! The 1st of it's kind. A Ground Breaker! This is a 'Hustle & Flow' 'Street Game' 'Gamed Up' Album. K.V Da Million Dollaa Mouthpiece, Liquid Anthraxx, PlayBoy Day Da Mayor, & Mac Dezie deliver raw & uncut street knowledge lyrics over Fuanky Beats. All original music wit some samples from, Rick James, the S.O.S Band, and the Documentary 'American Pimp'. A must have Dope Classic, in a Class by itself. There's no other album of it's kind!! If you're from the 'Game' & 'Street Life', this is an Album for You!!

1.1 Intro (Feat. Mac Dezie) [Explicit]
1.2 Rose City Ride [Explicit]
1.3 Promotin Prostitution [Explicit]
1.4 Hundreds [Explicit]
1.5 It's Pimpin [Explicit]
1.6 I.N.H (Feat. Malcom Noble) [Explicit]
1.7 My Pimpin (Feat. D. Webb ; Malcom Noble) [Explicit]
1.8 Satisfy (Feat. Malcom Noble) [Explicit]
1.9 Right Now (Feat. $Porty) [Explicit]
1.10 Around the World [Explicit]
1.11 Bubblelate (Feat. Fade One ; Extasy) [Explicit]
1.12 Gangsta Pimpin [Explicit]
1.13 Can't Take This Game [Explicit]
1.14 No Sugar [Explicit]
1.15 Hungry (Feat. Fade One) [Explicit]
1.16 Can a Pimp Get Paid (Feat. Malcom Noble) [Explicit]
1.17 Rose City (Remix) [Explicit]

Pimpin & Panderin: Unlimited Game

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