Pink Martini

Pink Martini: Hey Eugene

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pink Martini

Title: Hey Eugene
Label: Heinz Records

Pink Martini - the genre-bending, best-selling, supremely talented and raucously fun twelve-piece ensemble returns with HEY EUGENE!, a twelve-track sonic journey anchored by deft songwriting and a no-hold's-barred dose of cabaret showmanship. With HEY EUGENE! Pink Matini has returned with an exhierating album full of uncompromising musicianship, hope, beauty and joy.

1.1 Everywhere
1.2 Tempo Perdido
1.3 Mar Desconocido (Uncharted Sea)
1.4 Taya Tan
1.5 City of Night
1.6 Ojala
1.7 Bukra Wba'do (Tomorrow and the Day After)
1.8 Cante E Dance
1.9 Hey Eugene
1.10 Syracuse
1.11 Dosvedanya Mio Bombino (Farewell to My Bumblebee)
1.12 Tea for Two

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