Piotr Wojcicki

Piotr Wojcicki: Secret World of Numbers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Piotr Wojcicki

Title: Secret World of Numbers
Label: CD Baby

'The Secret World Of Numbers' by Peter Wojcicki is an album revealing the joy on many levels. Skipping this, that flows from knowledge of the artist and touches of pure joy from creating, that transfers talent into a particular picture of notes filling new compositions. This joy flows from encounter of each element of the work on the composition. I touch those aspects that you can visit in a universal way for each listener, I hope. First new album of Peter Wojcicki creates a kind of mood from the early contact with the cover. The mysterious world linking references to numbers, that daily touch our lives. In this case, that creates a climate of gentleness, care and some arrangement sorted out by pastel, bumping in gentle contrast of colours. It suggests a kind of emotion on the album 'The Secret World Of Numbers'. And you can't overcome the smile when this suggestion is confirmed by the first session of the new music. This is kind of a continuation of the research started on the album 'Magnetic moment of the Proton', although they who are familiar with it's content and the pronunciation immediately notice some progress, more ambitious and adjusted for this season arrangement approach of the artist... but I do not want to dive deeper to suggest others. The richness of the mysterious world of numbers reveals Peter as Wojcicki guitarist, which you can safely put in the company of other musicians, focusing our attention and stealing time for many years. And like them, Peter is not going to close himself in the stylistic drawers, he has the courage to go after different staves, speaking through them on their passion. He should be praised for it. Because there are virtuosos both in our country and in the world in abundance. Younger and younger masters of the guitar get excellent master workshop, but the transmission of content via the heart strings, it's an entirely different matter. By the way ... even though there are so many guitarists around, guitar music is not touched upon on a daily basis. Therefore, the presence of Peter Wojcicki's keep eyes and ears open on this world, in which the guitarist can be a technician but also a poet... where it goes after 'technical support', a good producer, sentient in similar way musicians and in this manner open in front of listener the world, perhaps his world and perhaps common... creating a musical relationship between artist and listener. I refrain myself from revealing my own feelings, because I'm one of those listeners, hungry for good works voraciously, after all, the world of music is today open to their doors. And yet so much we appreciate these places where you might want to stay for longer. I recommend this world ... 'The Mysterious World Of Numbers'. On behalf of all effectively contaminated, I thank the artist bowing down! Adam Drozdzik. PiK Radio Station.

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