Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales: Get Up Jack

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Artist: Pirate Tales

Artist: Pirate Tales
Title: Get Up Jack

The group Pirate Tales is a musical stage show based upon the music of the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Celtic tradition, and Pirate songs. The influences on our music are traditional folk music and rock and roll. We sing about the important things in life: drinking, fighting, women and men. Our music uses double entendre and euphemisms to discuss sex, murder and mayhem.

1.1 Whiskey in the Jar
1.2 Anne Bonney and Mary Reade
1.3 Pirate Song
1.4 Johnny Be Fair
1.5 All for Me Grog
1.6 If I Were a Blackbird
1.7 German Clockwinder
1.8 Three Drunken Maidens
1.9 Wild Rover

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