Pissinboy: Gentleman Of Leisure

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Pissinboy

Artist: Pissinboy
Title: Gentleman Of Leisure
Product Type: VINYL LP

London-based trio Pissinboy is one of those unclassified bands that don't fit in any box and only feed from imagination and the joy of playing - their 2nd LP "Gentleman of Leisure" proves it yet another time. It's not 60's Garage, not Post-Punk, not Psych-Pop, what is it then? Singer-guitarist Andrea Pirovano's strong melodies and impeccable lyrics are the band's main weapons and drive the music. But with "Gentleman...;", the three boys take it one step further with more inventive arrangements and a rawer sound than in their previous LP "Emily". The diversity of moods in the songs also differentiates Pissinboy from most power-trios: one may recognize the danceable beat of Congolese Soukous in the title song "Gentleman Of Leisure" (no wonder all 3 band members also play in l'Orchestre du Montplaisant); the fuzzy Bontempi organ on "Slums" could be a subtle tribute to legendary producer Joe Meek; and in "Bert is Dead", it's an obvious take on the Beach Boys' classic "Pet Sounds". Songs about East London's day-to-day life, existential matters, or simply love and despair, make "Gentleman...;" a journey through life's beauty and ugliness. A perfect long-player for your afternoon tea - or to accompany your evening's first pint.

1.1 Gentleman of Leisure
1.2 You Are Never There
1.3 All Is Wrong
1.4 Cultivated Man
1.5 Generation
1.6 Weekends
1.7 Troubled Girls
1.8 Forest
1.9 Slums
1.10 Bert Is Dead

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