Pity Whores

Pity Whores: Quarter Life Crisis

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Artist: Pity Whores

Artist: Pity Whores
Title: Quarter Life Crisis

The Pity Whores - the first rock band to play live on the Jerry Springer Show Artist of the Month - WURN.org Wormtown Underground Artist of the Week - youain't rock.com.

1.1 Gunns
1.2 Stuck on TV
1.3 Girls Don't Like Me
1.4 Ballad of McNasty
1.5 Windy Streets
1.6 I Wanna Be Al Capone
1.7 Lobotomy
1.8 Parody of a Preacherman
1.9 Bite It, You Scum
1.10 Dui
1.11 Bad Luck
1.12 Underground
1.13 A Rant
1.14 Homeless
1.15 Rusty Trombone
1.16 Idiot

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