Pj Steelman

Pj Steelman: When the Evening Falls

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pj Steelman

Title: When the Evening Falls
Label: CD Baby

Musical beginnings from the everglades of Florida to the red clay of south Georgia, passing through Atlanta and on into the Great Smoky Mountains, making a side trip through the Carolinas to Virginia and Kentucky and resting in Nashville. The smell of honey suckle, a sip of a mint julep, the beauty of one red rose and the sound of fiddle and steel. That's right, you've got it...the music of PJ Steelman. PJ's sound is kind of like Frank Sinatra meeting Janis Joplin. They were introduced to each other by Willie Nelson....at a Mickey Newberry concert. He's a songwriter and sings just well enough to get his songs across. If you are into singer/songwriter...where the heart hits home, you will love PJ Steelman. He is currently affiliated with Fat Walter Music, Sound Determination Music and records with Blue Cypress Records.

1.1 Fall Into You
1.2 Over the Line
1.3 The Last Bartender
1.4 Why Don't You Touch Me
1.5 Halfway Home from the Halfway House
1.6 Biscuits in Birmingham
1.7 Giving in Tonight
1.8 Ain't No Way to Live
1.9 I'm Crazy
1.10 Big Time Tonight
1.11 Lonely As This
1.12 There'll Be No Tomorrow
1.13 The Road Goes on and on and on

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