Planet 3

Planet 3: Gems Unearthed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Planet 3

Title: Gems Unearthed
Label: CD Baby

GEMS UNEARTHED is the second PLANET 3 album and the songs are written and recorded by the stellar song writing trio Jay Graydon/Clif Magness/Glen Ballard AKA Planet 3. They wrote these songs during the same period of time as the first Planet 3 album - MUSIC FROM THE PLANET, which is also available here at CD BABY. It is an album that indeed lives up to it's title! The music style is adult contemporary pop with many strong melodies - power ballads mixed with tough 80s synth rock, in the spirit of TOTO, CHICAGO and the like. Jay Graydon is a twice Grammy awarded and 12 times nominated Los Angeles top songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, producer, arranger, engineer, and more. His production credits include e.g. mega stars such as Air Supply, George Benson, Al Jarreau, DeBarge, El DeBarge, Sheena Easton, Art Garfunkel, Manhattan Transfer, Johnny Mathis, Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, and Dionne Warwick just to name a few, and many of the more than 200 songs he has written are included on Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum selling albums. This second PLANET 3 album opens up a jewel case of music treasures. There are fun and raw uncut diamonds with major energy like PUSH IT IN, blended with glowing precious stones like the beautiful ballad TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE. 'Old' Planet 3 fans will love it and be happy that the second Planet 3 album is finally released and 'new' Planet 3 fans will find this album to be a rare gem to discover. Jay says in the liner notes... 'The three of us were a song writing team before we became Planet 3. We wrote songs for Al Jarreau, DeBarge, films, etc. We simply had too many songs to choose from so these were most likely for a follow up album so about 15 years later, here is the follow up album! The bottom line is raw energy similar to a live real time performance!' This sure is ear candy for quality music lovers!!! Published by Noted For The Record (ASCAP), Magnified Music (ASCAP) and Aerowave (ASCAP). Released on Sonic Thrust Records.

1.1 Jenny's Still in Love
1.2 Modern Girl
1.3 Tonight You're Mine
1.4 Push It in
1.5 Mondo Rock
1.6 Criminal
1.7 Comin' Together
1.8 I Don't Want to Say Goodnight
1.9 Make My Day
1.10 I Gotta Have It

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