Plasmatics: New Hope for the Wretched

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Plasmatics

Artist: Plasmatics
Title: New Hope for the Wretched
Product Type: VINYL LP

Part art piece, part punk, part metal: The controversial Plasmatics broke taboos and blew the lid off what critics and audiences alike knew as punk music. Incorporating theatrics, barking vocals and a focus on end-of-the-world visions, 1980's New Hope for the Wretched is a technically solid punk record from a groundbreaking band. Drastic Plastic Records is pleased to present our superb repressing of Plasmatics' first album in all it's chainsaw-guitar-solo glory, along with a poster and insert, recreated from it's original release. (Black 200G)

1.1 A1 Tight Black Pants
1.2 A2 Monkey Suit
1.3 A3 Living Dead
1.4 A4 Test Tube Babies
1.5 A5 Won't You
1.6 A6 Concrete Shoes
1.7 A7 Squirm (Live)
1.8 B1 Want You Baby
1.9 B2 Dreamlover
1.10 B3 Sometimes I
1.11 B4 Corruption
1.12 B5 Butcher Baby

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