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Plastic Penny: Everything I Am: Complete Plastic Penny

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Artist: Plastic Penny

Artist: Plastic Penny
Title: Everything I Am: Complete Plastic Penny

When ad hoc studio group Plastic Penny scored a surprise Top Ten hit in early 1968 with an orch-pop cover of Box Tops B-side 'Everything I Am', a band of that name was quickly put together by session singer Brian Keith. Although Keith quickly dropped out to pursue a solo career, Plastic Penny stayed together for around eighteen months, with future Chicken Shack/Savoy Brown/UFO stalwart Paul Raymond sharing lead vocal duties with subsequent Elton John Band drummer Nigel Olsson. Completed by future Procol Harum guitarist Mick Grabham and Troggs-bound bassist Tony Murray, Plastic Penny recorded two fine albums - including such bona fide UK psych-pop masterpieces as 'Mrs Grundy' and 'Your Way To Tell Me Go' - before the final line-up morphed into country-rockers Cochise in the second half of 1969. Everything I Am: The Complete Plastic Penny does exactly what it says on the tin, assembling everything the band recorded during their brief lifespan under one roof: mono and stereo versions of debut album "Two Sides Of A Penny", the stereo-only follow-up "Currency", non-album singles, alternative versions and mixes, foreign language recordings, the studio outtake 'Celebrity Ball' and, most intriguingly of all, forty-five minutes of BBC recordings in pristine sound quality.

1.1 Everything I Am
1.2 Wake Me Up
1.3 Never My Love
1.4 Genevieve
1.5 No Pleasure Without Pain My Love
1.6 So Much Older Now
1.7 Mrs. Grundy
1.8 Take Me Back
1.9 I Want You
1.10 It's a Good Thing
1.11 Strawberry Fields Forever
1.12 Everything I Am (Single Version)
1.13 No Pleasure Without Pain My Love (Single Version)
1.14 Nobody Knows It
1.15 Happy Just to Be with You
1.16 Guarda Nel Cielo (Nobody Knows It)
1.17 Tutto Quel Che Ho (Everything I Am)
2.1 Everything I Am
2.2 Wake Me Up
2.3 Never My Love
2.4 Genevieve
2.5 No Pleasure Without Pain My Love
2.6 So Much Older Now
2.7 Mrs. Grundy
2.8 Take Me Back
2.9 I Want You
2.10 It's a Good Thing
2.11 Strawberry Fields Forever
2.12 Turning Night Into Day
2.13 Everything I Am
2.14 Take Me Back
2.15 Everything I Am
2.16 No Pleasure Without Pain My Love
2.17 It's a Good Thing
2.18 It's a Good Thing
2.19 Nobody Knows It
2.20 So Much Older Now
3.1 Your Way to Tell Me Go
3.2 The Shelter of Your Arms
3.3 Give Me Money
3.4 Killing Floor
3.5 Strawberry Fields Forever
3.6 Your Way to Tell Me Go
3.7 Hound Dog
3.8 Currency
3.9 Caledonian Mission
3.10 MacArthur Park
3.11 Turn to Me
3.12 Baby You're Not to Blame
3.13 Give Me Money
3.14 Sour Suite
3.15 Your Way to Tell Me Go (Single Version)
3.16 Baby You're Not to Blame (Single Version)
3.17 Hound Dog (Single Version)
3.18 Currency (Single Version)
3.19 Celebrity Ball
3.20 She Does
3.21 Genevieve (Single Version)

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