Plus: Breathe Again

Plus: Breathe Again
Title: Breathe Again
Label: CD Baby

Danan Marcel Tasby AKA "PLUS" born May 14 He was born in Shreveport, LA, the second child of three children and was raised by his mother in the predominately African American subdivision of North West Shreveport known as the Cooper Road (now known as Martin Luther King Neighborhood). His father was on drugs for most of his childhood which really had a negative effect on his life. During his early years "Plus" was involved with drugs, alcohol and gangs, today he is living proof that God can change any situation. "Plus" was influence by the hip hop culture at a young age and had dreams of becoming a famous rapper or a professional athlete. At the age of 10 "Plus" was drawn to the rap culture by his older sister, seeing her write rap lyrics and the many posters on her wall played a big part in his interest in rap music. "Plus" credits his grandfather for being one of the most important and influential people in his life. The relationship he shared with his grandfather allowed him to learn much about life and to know the the true meaning of having a best friend. After establishing a personal relationship with God, "Plus" decided to stop rapping for the world and turned his life and rap career over to God. He returned to school in 2005 and graduated from Southern University Shreveport and continued his education to receive his license in the Ministry from the Potters House School for Ministry. "PLUS" is humbled to be a part of leading others toward Christ so that lives can be changed forever just like his. He hopes that through his music and his ministry his quest to gain followers for Christ will continue to grow.

1.1 This Is It
1.2 Holy Ghost
1.3 Breathe Again
1.4 Revised
1.5 Bounce
1.6 Champion
1.7 Standing
1.8 2 Much
1.9 Stop the King
1.10 Sweat Blood Love Hate

Plus: Breathe Again

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