Pocket Change

Pocket Change: Put Your Two Cents in

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pocket Change

Title: Put Your Two Cents in
Label: CD Baby

We are a group of producers and artists that have been working together for a long time now. We do everything ourselfs record out the closet and make out own beats WHAT!!!!! We're just trying to turn the level of the game up. We produce the latest sounds in Dance, D&B, Hiphop, and R&B - your place to get original tracks and songs for albums, movies, pornos, commercials, video games or anything else you need hot music for this is what we do.! Pocketchange Mado Live life to the fullest....... Work like you don't need the money..... Love like you've never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching, and F**k like your being Filmed!!!!

1.1 Super Mix
1.2 Corney Bastards
1.3 Fiyah
1.4 Anticipation
1.5 Shocked
1.6 Studio Drama
1.7 Slut Tipping
1.8 Suck a Dick and Beat It Up
1.9 Whoa
1.10 Can't Take This SH*T
1.11 While Out
1.12 What It Is
1.13 I'm Drunk
1.14 Mall Rats
1.15 My Life

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