Poet Theatricals: Eclipse: The Show

Poet Theatricals: Eclipse: The Show
Title: Eclipse: The Show
Label: CD Baby

Soundtrack for the live production, 'Eclipse - The Show' currently performing on the Celebrity Eclipse. The show is a European-styled theatrical circus centering around a mythical journey to find Sol (the sun) that has been consumed by the celestial dragon Bakunawa, and return Sol to his rightful place in the sky. The soundtrack is a fusion of Asian and modern sounds creating a dynamic sonic range lending itself to a vast, epic feel.

1.1 SH LI
1.2 T Iy NG
1.3 Feix NG
1.4 Qu NL
1.5 R SH
1.6 B Lu'
1.7 Zhuizh
1.8 L NG
1.9 Yu LI NG
1.10 Dumdum

Poet Theatricals: Eclipse: The Show

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