Point One

Point One: Unlucky Stars

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Artist: Point One

Artist: Point One
Title: Unlucky Stars

Seattle's Point One play unapologetically assaulting hard rock with a brain and a conscience. They distill equal parts Metallica and Radiohead into their crushing compositions. This, their third full-length, careens recklessly from seething yet melodic anthems such as "Cruel" to sleazy biker bar throwbacks such as "Monochrome Mistress", yet boasts almost seamless continuity.

1.1 Unlucky Stars
1.2 Oxygen
1.3 Monochrome Mistress
1.4 Crime
1.5 Best Part of Me
1.6 Cruel
1.7 Drama Queen
1.8 Sometimes
1.9 Running Away
1.10 Bodies for Freedom
1.11 Pain That I Am Used to
2.1 [Untitled] [DVD]

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