Polwechsel: Untitled (no7)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Polwechsel

Artist: Polwechsel
Title: Untitled (no7)
Product Type: VINYL LP

On the Viennese music scene since the mid-'90s, Polwechsel easily qualify as legendary, regardless of which form the group takes. Consisting on this recording of Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), Michael Moser (cello), Martin Brandlmayr (percussion), and Burkhard Beins (percussion), they have always explored the borders between structured compositions and their improvisational aspects. The hectic nature of these pieces, amplified through their brilliant dynamic range, marks a further step in their explorations. They combine strings and percussion with an almost aggressive musicianship punctuated by occasional droning, making for their most startling yet most consistent work to date.

1.1 Unx
1.2 Uny
2.1 Unz

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