Pop Is Art: In the Beginning

Pop Is Art: In the Beginning
Title: In the Beginning
Label: CD Baby

Eric Sorensen: January, 2003: 'In The Beginning', Scott McGinley's 17-song multi-track effort is superb. This is pseudo-60s pop at it's best - which means that McGinley starts with Beatles, Byrds and Beach Boy references, and builds from there. Top Ten for sure! David Bash: Founder/CEO of International Pop Overthrow 'I think the CD is really good, and unlike a lot of stuff that's coming out of today's pop underground because your sound retains the kind of style and infectuousness that was in existence on a lot of those great late '70s albums. It's one of my favorite CD's of 2002!' Bruce Brodeen-Not Lame Recordings: Featuring Scott McGinley (Insiders), Pop Is Art is going to set the power pop world afire! This is about as classic of indie power pop as you are going to find, simply put forth here. We first call attention to just tuning to the soundbites and let the music do the talking. From there, we'll say that Pop Is Art features all the velvet smooth vocal harmonies, wickedly long-lasting melodies and sweet sounds that great pop plops down on the table. Fans of Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush, The Dons/Receiver, Raspberries, Fools Face, Cloud Eleven and The Rubinoos will find various displays of the sunny, hand-clapped, guitar pop these artists do so well. What creeps into some of this material that is kinda cool is a distinct Southern California mid-70's spirit. Extremely Highly Recommended! Pop Is Art To begin to explain the concept of PoP Is ArT, we must first look at the man behind the vision. Scott McGinley is a seasoned veteran of the music business. He's worked his way up from the Philadelphia/ Jersey shore club scene to the world class recording studios of L.A. and New York. His recordings have literally led him around the world and back again. International chart success, MTV appearances, and stadium concerts were par for the course when Scott suddenly found himself having to make a decision. Should he stick with his record company's formula for success (which was, in fact, working), or try to find a way to be true to his art and not be limited by the increasing restrictions that were placed on his songwriting and performances? It seemed the more outward success he enjoyed (four top ten singles and three top ten videos across Asia), the more he felt the need to expand his horizons as a songwriter and performer. But record companies are not known for their interest in experimenting, especially when something's working, and particularly in the pop-rock Top-40 world where Scott was enjoying success. And that leads us to PoP Is ArT. Unlike the other bands Scott formed and led to success (Bliss, New Religion [also available from CD Baby]), PoP Is ArT is not a specific product to be marketed, but an ongoing experiment and process to be watched, listened to, and experienced. The goal being to write, produce, and record the whole range of ideas in his mind and to present them to the world. Much more is on the way. Scott, who has worked with the likes of producer Keith Olsen (Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Pat Benatar), and musicians Jason Scheff (Chicago) and Alex Ligertwood (Santana), is comfortable both in front of, and behind the mixing board. Recording at his home in Collegeville, PA, Scott is finally free to pursue his full range of ideas. This is good news not just for fans of his past projects, but for everyone who wants to see the business of music return to where it should be ... -in the hands of the artists who make the music!

1.1 Baby He Loves You
1.2 She's the One
1.3 Dangerous
1.4 Slightly Cracked
1.5 Crybaby Cry
1.6 Relevant
1.7 Even If You Go
1.8 I Will Be Here
1.9 Love Is
1.10 Love Is Only Sleeping
1.11 From Philly to Tokyo
1.12 Bigger Than Us Both
1.13 Maybe Tonight
1.14 Light
1.15 (Interlude)
1.16 Hey Boy
1.17 Bye Bye Baby

Pop Is Art: In the Beginning

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