Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby: The Essential Popa Chubby

$8.58 $9.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Popa Chubby

Title: The Essential Popa Chubby
Label: Blind Pig

For this special budget-priced collection, high octane guitarist Popa Chubby hand-picked sixteen of the hottest fan favorites from his ten Blind Pig releases over the past decade. This electrifying selection showcases not only his hard-charging fire and brimstone, but also Popa's engaging storytelling, versatility and distinctive fusing of differing genres and styles such as old school R&B, rap, funk, outlaw country, melodic rock, and blues.

1.1 Daddy Played the Guitar and Mama Was a Disco Queen
1.2 How'd a White Boy Get the Blues
1.3 Somebody Let the Devil Out
1.4 If the Diesel Don't Get You Then the Jet Fuel Will
1.5 Like the Buddha Do
1.6 Life Is a Beatdown
1.7 Sweet Goddess of Love ; Beer
1.8 Hey Joe
1.9 Hallelujah
1.10 Back in My Baby's Arms
1.11 Slide Devil Man Slide
1.12 Deliveries After Dark
1.13 Grown Man Crying Blues
1.14 The Fight Is on
1.15 Another Ten Years Gone
1.16 Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

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