Post Oak Savannah

Post Oak Savannah: Post Oak Savannah

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Product Type: CD

Title: Post Oak Savannah
Label: CD Baby

Originating from the state of Texas, Post Oak Savannah writes & plays music for their own creative outlet, therapeutic benefit and The People. Although their influences cover a vast menagerie of artists, including Armstrong to Zeppelin, this debut release is a fusion of traditional Rock, Country and Rhythm & Blues reminiscent of classic retro-radio.

1.1 Midnite Dreamers
1.2 Sixteen Miles
1.3 Lady Luck
1.4 Down on the Farm
1.5 I Miss You
1.6 Only Life I Know
1.7 Black Widow
1.8 Looking for a Sign
1.9 Bourbon Hall
1.10 This Is Where I Get Off
1.11 Four Dollars ; Half O' Pint
1.12 Jasmine Grove

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