Postcard Brass Band

Postcard Brass Band: Pop & Roll

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Artist: Postcard Brass Band
Title: Pop & Roll

'This is an Oustanding Band! Each musician in this ensemble demonstrates a solid mastery of their instrument and a keen understanding of the vast array of musical styles that they have arranged and adapted into their eclectic repertoire. Jazz compositions by Wayne Shorter and Thelonious Monk, traditional selections 'Santa Cruz and Tik', a pop selection by Henry Mancini and a wonderful array of original compositions by Carolino, Marques, Santos and Lauren gives us a well balanced and enjoyable musical delight.' Joe Daley New York City, January 2011.

1.1 I Mean You
1.2 Footprints
1.3 Alice in Ska Land
1.4 Al
1.5 Santa Cruz
1.6 Baby Elephant Walk
1.7 Tik
1.8 Pop ; Roll
1.9 A25

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