Prefab Sprout

Prefab Sprout: Kings Of Rock N Roll: The Best Of

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Prefab Sprout

Title: Kings Of Rock N Roll: The Best Of
Label: Music Club Deluxe

Excellent 2007 two CD anthology from the critically-acclaimed UK outfit led by singer/songwriter Paddy McAloon. Although not a prolific band, Prefab Sprout's string of '80s and '90s albums remain sharp and intelligent slices of British Pop/Rock that continue to enthrall new and old fans. Although most tracks on this CD were pulled from their Sony albums, there are a few rare B-sides previously unavailable on CD that make this a worthwhile purchase for the novice and the fanatic. 37 tracks including 'The King of Rock 'N' Roll', 'When Love Breaks Down', 'Cruel', 'Appetite', 'Bonny', 'Electric Guitars' and many more. Music Club.

1.1 The King of Rock N Roll
1.2 When Love Breaks Down
1.3 Cars and Girls
1.4 The Sound of Crying
1.5 The Golden Calf
1.6 Carnival 2000
1.7 Appetite
1.8 Moving the River
1.9 A Prisoner of the Past
1.10 We Let the Stars Go
1.11 Nightinggales
1.12 Johnny Johnny
1.13 Life of Suprises
1.14 Nero the Zero
1.15 Desire As
1.16 Bonny
1.17 Couldn't Bear to Be Special
1.18 Wild Horses
2.1 Farron Young
2.2 Hey Manhattan!
2.3 Don't Sing
2.4 If You Don't Love Me
2.5 Looking for Atlantis
2.6 Electric Guitars
2.7 I Remember That
2.8 Green Isaac
2.9 Here on the Eerie
2.10 The Yearning Loins
2.11 Cruel
2.12 Swans
2.13 I Never Play Basketball Now
2.14 Donna Summer
2.15 The Ice Maiden
2.16 The Mystery of Love
2.17 Scarlet Nights
2.18 Anne Marie
2.19 Pearly Gates

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