Presby Pickers

Presby Pickers: Good War Dies Hard: Civil War Remembered

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Artist: Presby Pickers

Artist: Presby Pickers
Title: Good War Dies Hard: Civil War Remembered

For 25 years the Presby Pickers have played for hundreds of audiences in West Virginia and beyond celebrating traditional Appalachian and early American music.

1.1 Battle Hymn of the Republic
1.2 A Good War Dies Hard
1.3 Dixie's Land
1.4 The Great Fratricidal Conflict
1.5 The Bonnie Blue Flag
1.6 I Would Strike Down My Brother
1.7 The Battle Cry of Freedom
1.8 Anxious to Hear from Home
1.9 Lorena
1.10 The Long Suspense
1.11 Just Before the Battle, Mother
1.12 Like a Stone Wall
1.13 Stonewall Jackson's Way
1.14 Too Horrible to Describe
1.15 Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
1.16 An Awful Spectacle
1.17 The Battle on Shiloh's Hill
1.18 Occasionally a Meal of Parched Corn
1.19 Goober Peas
1.20 Reward for a Runaway Master
1.21 Kingdom Coming
1.22 We're All Free!
1.23 Free at Last
1.24 A Firm Foundation
1.25 Pleyel's Hymn: How Firm a Foundation

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