Presenca Das Formigas

Presenca Das Formigas: Ciclorama

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Title: Ciclorama
Label: CD Baby

The exciting new music of A PRESENÇA DAS FORMIGAS blends several elements derived from Portuguese traditional music and poetry with an inventive musical architecture that strives to surprise it's listeners. From the unique sound of the Portuguese guitar to the loud rumble of popular drums; from the introspective reflections on today?'s world and society to the humorous laughter of the wandering troubadour, their music displays a wide variety of sounds, characters and emotions. A Presença das Formigas won the Zeca Afonso award (best original song) at Cantar Abril Festival 2009. CICLORAMA is the debut album of A Presença das Formigas. Apart from one song by Zeca Afonso, whose title inspired the name of the band, all other music and lyrics are original. They reflect the band?'s taste for Portuguese traditional music, acoustic sounds and progressive folk. Ciclorama features three very special guests: Amélia Muge, one of Portugal?'s greatest singer-songwriters; Fraser Fifield, Scottish multi-instrumentalist and composer; Ricardo Matosinhos, Portuguese French horn player. REVIEWS 'A masterpiece of creativity, sensitivity and love for Portuguese popular music' (Carlos Vieira in Pó de Palco) 'Exquisite gourmet. (...) the most subtle essences combined in infinitesimally exact doses with the wisdom of a perfumist.' (João Lisboa in Expresso) MUSICIANS André Cardoso | classical, folk and Portuguese guitars, 'cavaquinho' oud and vocals Cecília Peçanha | recorders Filipa Meneses | piano, rhodes and accordion Luís Arrigo | drums, popular percussion, timpani and glockenspiel Manuel Maio | violin, mandolin, ?"cavaquinho?" and vocals Miguel Cardoso | electric bass, double bass, ?"braguesa?" guitar and vocals Teresa Campos | lead singer SPECIAL GUESTS Amélia Muge | singer Fraser Fifield | low whistle, soprano sax, kaval and Scottish bagpipes Ricardo Matosinhos | French horn INVITED MUSICIANS A. José Martins | synthesizer and percussion Danylo Gertsev | backing vocals ARRANGEMENTS | A Presença das Formigas (with Amélia Muge and A. José Martins on track 2) ARTWORK | Danylo Gertsev Produced by Manuel Maio e A. José Martins Recorded by A. José Martins (low whistle, sax, kaval and bagpipes recorded by Fraser Fifield) Mixed by A. José Martins and A Presença das Formigas Mastered by Tó Pinheiro da Silva Recorded at Numérica Studios in Paços de Brandão (Portugal) and IPJ Studio in Viseu (Portugal) between February and June 2010 Additional recordings made at AJM Studio (Portugal) and Fraser Fifield Studio (UK) between September and December 2010.

1.1 Encontrei Um Pensamento
1.2 A Menina Da Canastra
1.3 O Meu Amor Viu Tempestades
1.4 O Rei (A Morna Indiferen a)
1.5 Em Tempos Que J L V O
1.6 S Tira a Leanor
1.7 Mar de Verde Cheio
1.8 Terra (Preso No Teu Perecer)
1.9 Valsa Do Ainda
1.10 Este Rio Este
1.11 Fim Do Mundo Num Segundo
1.12 A Presen a Das Formigas

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