Present Tense

Present Tense: Smooth Talkin'

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Artist: Present Tense

Title: Smooth Talkin'
Label: CD Baby

Bulleting up the Smooth Jazz radio charts, Present Tense is proud to have Eric Marienthal, saxophonist, and Alex Acuna, percussionist, (world-class performers playing with some of the best and well know groups in the world)playing with Present Tense, on this album. Present Tense is "organic." What does this mean to you? To us it means earthy, acoustic, "live" interaction between the bass, drums and piano as the master tracks were being recorded. And then the overdubs... all were played live, no looping. And the instruments... most were acoustic: acoustic bass, drums, piano, trumpet, percussion, sax, and flute. OK, so we've added some "electricity" to the guitar and some electric keys for pads and strings to make this "smoother." This is Present Tense. Present Tense was recently nominated for BEST JAZZ ARTISTS - Orange County Music Association (OCMA), and winner of the Long Beach Jazz Search for BEST FUSION ARTIST. Present Tense brings contemporary instrumental compositions into a new era. By blending smooth driving grooves with the complexities and textures of fusion, rock and Latin, the ensemble has created a fresh and trend-setting organic sound that is as sophisticated as it is accessible. So what is PRESENT TENSE jazz? It is original (with a few covers), contemporary instrumental music with unique compositions written to be memorable, musical, accessible and exciting to listen to. The tunes are also 'organic' & 'theatrical,' especially in live performances where the trio (often with special guests) can 'stretch out' and experiment 'on the fly.' PRESENT TENSE compositions are penned by Richard Frank and Ronnie Kaufman. On their debut CD 'Night Shadows,' the main tracks were recorded LIVE in the studio - dang few over dubs. So what you hear is a tight sound that's polished but also with live interaction - not layered to a drum machine! For texture, they added a few layers of percussion and just a tad of synth patches to fill it in hear and there. Having a notable career with the GAP Band, Ronnie has established himself as one of today's most accomplished and talented drummers. With a strong background in jazz in combination with his solid R&B roots, his grooves and melodic feel is always present. Richard's background of classical, jazz, 70's rock, and world musics give the group a solid bottom both rhythmically and harmonically. Seeing the acoustic bass as having a much 'bigger bottom,' his instrument, or more importantly the 'style' in which he plays it, is that added difference in achieving a unique but still contemporary & accessible sound the band sought to achieve.

1.1 Smiles
1.2 Smooth Talkin'
1.3 Groove
1.4 Whatever
1.5 June Gloom
1.6 Destiny
1.7 Dream on
1.8 Cool Breeze
1.9 Non Siesta
1.10 Bel Aire Drive
1.11 Fifth Avenue
1.12 031204
1.13 Syzygy

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