Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect: Prime Suspect

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Prime Suspect

Title: Prime Suspect
Label: Frontiers

2010 album from the Italian Melodic Rock outfit. Formed by Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermolli and Dario Ciccioni, the band came to the attention of the Melodic Rock crowd on their releases as Khymera. Liverani, the most experienced musician of the lot, had a long career in the Italian Rock scene releasing albums with the Prog Metal group Empty Tremor. Since Khymera's last two albums saw the bulk of the songwriting from the brothers Tom and James Martin, Liverani started to put together some Melodic Rock tracks which could live on the quality of arrangement and performance of the previous releases. Frontiers Records.

1.1 What Do You Want
1.2 I'll Be Fine
1.3 Change This World
1.4 I Never Knew
1.5 I Would Like to Reach the Sun
1.6 It Could've Been You
1.7 Hear Me Calling
1.8 Deep in My Heart
1.9 So Strange
1.10 Watch Me

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