Alan Prince

Alan Prince: Imaginary Disasters

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alan Prince

Title: Imaginary Disasters
Label: CD Baby

Alan Prince's acoustic guitar music mixes a variety of musical influences with a diverse collection of guitar techniques. Interweaving Classical, and Flamenco techniques with modern acoustic and electric guitar artistry, Alan Prince not only crosses the boundaries between Acoustic and Electric Guitar, but also blends musical cultures from the East and West.

1.1 Final Disaster
1.2 Deathwish
1.3 A Time Long Ago
1.4 Imaginary Disasters Part #1
1.5 Variations of Ragamuffin
1.6 Swept Away
1.7 Unwanted Journey
1.8 As a Man Thinks
1.9 Confusion (Adapted from Dance of the Maya)
1.10 Imaginary Disasters Part #3
1.11 Going Nowhere
1.12 Imaginary Disasters Part #2
1.13 Cursed Is the Man

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